Good4.Global: Where Sustainability Meets Genuine Prosperity

After years of preparation, an ambitious and much needed project is being birthed in the greater national capital region of Canada – Good4.Global. G4G provides companies big and small, and citizens everywhere, with a simple and achievable approach to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while providing new mechanisms for businesses and consumers to collaborate and help re-energize local economies. At the heart of G4G’s innovative approach is focus on creating genuine prosperity.

G4G purposes to become the local and global Tripadvisor for sustainability and social impact. With numerous affiliated education partners, the G4G platform will gradually introduce a series of tools to equip every company and citizen with a tailored SDG action plan, starting with the identification and sharing of core values. On the platform, companies will find essential tools for promoting their products and services. Notably, G4G will offer a local search engine and innovative rewards programs to drive brand loyalty for participating businesses.

Josée Lusignan, founding president of G4G, has mobilized businesses and citizens across her community and her country in support of major social causes. Her vision for G4G is global, and she has already set the stage for a global deployment of G4G through her work with Ian Speirs, her life partner and the founding president of the ONE Better World Collective: a powerful international network mobilizing the leading ambassadors of sustainable development around the #Heart2Heart movement.

G4G invites all businesses in the greater national capital region of Canada to join the movement and help pave the way for global change. Tel.: 613.686.1912 Email:

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Martine Lepage

Chief Editor

Automotive sector

I’m passionate to see consumers impacting the automotive industry through the G4G community. The advances being made by manufacturers are encouraging, but there is so much ahead and together we can drive further change.Let’s make it happen!
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